Abraham Lincoln Costumes

Abraham Lincoln Costumes

Honoring Honest Abe

Suit yourself as the 16th president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln guided this country through the most devastating experience in our national history, the Civil War. A kid born in a log cabin strove to become a self-educated man. This early Republican epitomizes the remarkable American Spirit. Stand up to the Confederacy and remake history.

Reenact the Lincoln Douglas debates. Recite the Emancipation proclamation. Find it easy to stand with pride at the next Presidentís Day parade. These authentic period costumes bring the past to life.

Presidential Clothing

The most iconic aspect of Lincolnís wardrobe was his stove pipe hat. Add on his unique beard to bring this great president to life. Honor your country. Live out the ideal. A house divided against itself cannot stand. These words still ring true.
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