Adult Wolfman Beavers Basketball Costume

Adult Wolfman Beavers Basketball Costume

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Product Description

Imagine being a werewolf that also happens to be quite good at basketball. "Impossible," you say? Well then how do you explain this Teen Wolf costume? The legacy left behind this famous mid-80s movie character is remarkable. It may seem like a simple concept, but a basketball-playing werewolf was pretty groundbreaking for the time.
Golden boy Michael J. Fox played the role of Scott Howard to perfection, making the entire audience fall in love with him on the big screen. Prior to his transformation, Howard was part of an underperforming high school basketball team. They had a poor record and struggled to even compete with other teams. That was all before Howard became the Teen Wolf and changed everything. Flying through the air and dunking it with ease, the Teen Wolf had no equal. He completely dismantled the competition.
This Halloween, you can become the Teen Wolf and capture that same magic that was made in this classic film. When you're shopping for Teen Wolf costumes, brandsonSale is the first and last word on this iconic 80s character. This teen werewolf is the ideal movie costume for Halloween night. For more 80s movie ideas, consider any of our other 80s costumes.

Main Features

  • Basketball jersey top with attached furry arms
  • Separate werewolf hoodie
  • Yellow basketball shorts

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Adult Wolfman Beavers Basketball Costume
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