Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Adventures in Wonderland

Relive this classic children's story by wearing a true-to-form character costume from Alice in Wonderland. Follow the white rabbit through the imaginative world originally created by Lewis Carroll. Take a detour and speak a little Jabberwocky to the Door Mouse this Halloween. Stay away from that living chessboard or, as the Queen of Hearts says, it's "off with your head." And she's pretty serious about that. You'll find exactly what you need inside of our collection, so you can get the perfect Alice in Wonderland costume this year.

Character Costumes

The cast of characters from this animated Disney movie thrills kids and adults of all ages. Enjoy a surreal tea party with the Mad Hatter. Share an enigmatic-but-delightful grin with the puffy Cheshire Cat. When you run into that hookah-smoking Caterpillar, be sure to warn him of the dangers of tobacco. Reenact any scene from Tim Burton's fantastical remake of Alice in Wonderland. These costumes are as imaginative and inspired as Burton's classic film, and serve as a worthy tribute to the classic masterpiece. Regardless of which character you like most, you'll find a costume to wear for your next costumed event.

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