Baracuda X7 Quattro Auto Pool Cleaner

Baracuda X7 Quattro Auto Pool Cleaner

Item: HG-006104
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Product Description

The Barracuda X7 Quattro offers a cool sleek design with advance technology for an automatic pool cleaner that results in cleaning performance that is unparalleled.

Barracuda X7 Includes

  • Thorough pool floor cleaning with its superior advance technology design
  • Abilty to climb 90 degree sheer pool walls
  • Only one moving part makes the vacuum dependable
  • Four independent flexible discs for greater mobility, suction, and adhesion in tight corners
  • Tilt action rudder and flex connect hose design for superior agility and mobility
  • Hydro wings stabilizer for greater downforce and traction
  • Twist lock hose maintains best water flow, reduces vacuum loss
  • Includes all hoses, felx connectors, flow valves, flow gauge and etc
  • One year limited factory warranty
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