MC Hammer Costume

MC Hammer Costume

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Product Description

Go from music industry stardom to bankruptcy this Halloween when you dress up as MC Hammer. This Oakland-born former rap superstar was the first of his kind. He pioneered a number of fads and soon-to-be industry standards; now you can dress up in this MC Hammer costume and parody one of rap's first megastars.

MC Hammer, or "Hammer" for short, loved to dance and wear impossibly baggy pants. They were so iconic that he's often associated with any pair of pants that even resemble this style. One often overlooked trademark of MC Hammer was his dancing abilities. Although he's been critically recognized as an exceptional dancer, pop culture has never really credited him for his dancing. Most notably (and unfortunately), he's now remembered as someone who was rumored to have been worth approximately 30 million dollars, and then lost it all after filing for bankruptcy. As a rising star, his rapid descent also serves as a warning to other upcoming rap artists that run the risk of walking down a similar path.

You can put all of that history aside on Halloween, however. Forget about actually being MC Hammer; you only have to look like him on the outside when you wear your costume.

Main Features

  • Wild gusseted pants
  • Short jacket with V neck
  • Elastic back waist and side tabs
  • Matching pants with seam pockets

Please Note

  • Shirt, shoes and glasses not included

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