The Necronomicon Evil Dead 2 Book Of The Dead Prop

The Necronomicon Evil Dead 2 Book Of The Dead Prop

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Product Description

Trick or Treat Studios and Studios Canal is proud to bring you the Official Book of the Dead / Necronomicon Prop!

First created by the master of horror fiction, Lovecraft himself. The " 'Mad Arab' Abdul Alhazred" had been quoted to have writen this book of evil in the early years of Lovecraft's stories and used by numerous authers and film makers ever since. Lovecraft himself encouraged the used of the Necronomicon in other works because he thought it created "a background of evil verisimilitude."

This amazing Book of the Dead / Necronomicon Prop was sculpted by Tom Sullivan, the actual FX Artist that made the Book of the Dead for Evil Dead 1 and 2!

Cast in high quality latex and foam filled which gives the book a solid feel and look as if it came right off the screen. The Book of the Dead / Necronomicon is the perfect compliment for your witch costume or zombie costume this Halloween!

The size of the book is approximately 20" long, 16" wide and 3" thick. Please note that this is a prop and the book does not open.

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