Cat Costumes

Cat Costumes

Hello Kitty Kitty

Here are some cat suits for that special puss in boots. Take it easy as this favorite household pet. Let the kids prowl the neighborhood this Halloween as a Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz or as Tony the Tiger, everyone’s favorite Kellogg’s mascot. Add a little catnip to the mix as a sultry sex kitten. Just be sure not to scratch.

Here’s a baby black cat that’s bound to make you purr. Need a little extra quality time tonight? Then live out a full nine lives in this cat woman bodysuit. Feel no fear if this slinky black cat crosses your path.

Catty Costumes

These furry felines have many tails to tell. Create an adventure as the Cat in the Hat from Dr. Suess. The Pink Panther is sure to bring out a little mystery. Let everyone know that you’re out on the prowl. Just be sure to stay out of trouble.
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