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Stop nuisance barking in or outdoors with the Bark Stop, use it to stop the noise from your own dog or your neighbor's.

Bark Stop has a special sound selector that lets you choose two different frequencies: Ultrasonic frequencies and Sonic Frequency. In Ultrasonic frequency it can only be heard by dogs and not humans. Bark Stop uses an old age principle called "Negative Reinforcement" by using sound to help train dogs.

The frequency range of dog hearing is approximately 20 Hz to 60,000 Hz,of course depending on the breed of dog as well as its age. When dogs become aware of a sound they've heard their ears will prick up and move around. Part of the reason why dogs can hear better than humans is that their ears have more mobility which enable it to maximize its ability to ear. As we cup our ears, some dogs ears are already in that position. Because of the way dogs hear the Dual Output on the Professional BarkStoptm will maximize effectiveness through its Dual Sound Technology. As an animal that hears higher sounds than humans, a dog has a different perception of the world as opposed to humans.

One example of this is the dog whistle, which is above human hearing, will catch the ear of any well hearing dog. A vacuum cleaner, which merely sounds loud to us, can produce a high frequency sound which may scare dogs away. This is the principle thought behind the technology of the Viatek BarkStop line of products. Stop that nuisance barking today!

Features include

  • Audible and ultrasonic frequency settings
  • Audible test button
  • Wall-mountable
  • Bark pick-up feature responds to barks up to 35 ft from unit. Microphone will hear the dogs bark and activate the two high powered speakers
  • 50 foot power extension cord included
  • LED status indicators can only be seen from behind or on top of product, to prevent dog or neighbor from seeing product at night
  • No rain cover is required. Bark Stop is ok for use outdoors. All seals are reinforced and all buttons and switches are within water tight compartment
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty

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