Baby Classic Monkey Costume

Baby Classic Monkey Costume

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Product Description

Our baby monkey outfit is always a favorite for parents year after year. This unique baby costume is not only cute, but it is also very comfortable and easy to wear. For a great addition add a banana to enhance your child's costume.

Main Features

  • One piece monkey jumpsuit
  • Separate headpiece with string tie for tying under chin
  • Detachable feet with an elastic band for comfort
  • Tie string in back for a comfortable fit
  • Please note: The tail was propped up in the photograph
  • Attached monkey tail


  • Costume is made a little bigger to include additional layers of clothing under the costume
  • If the outfit is to big for your baby, try washing it in warm or hot water to shrink for a better fit Toddler Monkey Costume

Fabric & Care

  • Made of a homespun like material
  • Fabric is made of mostly cotton
  • Headpiece and feet include a vinyl overlay
  • Machine washable in cold water

Please Note

  • Banana is not included
  • Monkey tail is propped up for the photo

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Baby Classic Monkey Costume
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