Civil War Era Costumes

Civil War Era Costumes

Remembering the Civil War

The color of a uniform pitted brother against brother. Men against boys. Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers both fought nobly to preserve their ideals. Patriotic Americans still reenact the events of this historic antebellum era. It cannot be forgotten. With its stirring music, elaborate dress and noble soldiers the War Between the States still appeals to our sense of romance and adventure.

This authentic period clothing is an easy addition to Sesquicentennial celebrations and historical theater productions. Become a part of history.

Timely American Costumes

The War of Secession is still near to us, both in time and in its underlying issues. This nation is still fighting to find the proper balance between government authority and individual freedom. Relive the 19th century as these memorable figures. President Lincoln and General Lee; Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara. These early Americans remain with us, both the real and imagined.
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