Civil War Soldier Costumes

Civil War Soldier Costumes

A Soldier’s Life

Bring in the cavalry. Whether as draftees or enlisted men, it was a hard life on the battlefield. This was no place for kids. Civil War Soldiers were the backbone of both the Union, under Lincoln's command, and Confederate armies. Imagine marching all night and fighting all day on scant rations and threadbare clothes. Feel the pride of patriotic duty.

This is the year of sesquicentennial reenactments. Wear these authentic period costumes to bring the past to life. Honor these early American veterans by sharing their experience with the next generation.

Divided by Uniform

Soldiers of the War Between the States were not just bodies but real people who led heartfelt lives. It was often brother against brother. The Union Army shared the blood of their Confederate adversaries. Recognize the valor and courage of both the Yankee and Antebellum.
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