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Cleopatra Costumes for All Ages

Cleopatra Rules

Dress up as Egyptís final pharaoh. Get wrapped up in rug and be smuggled in to the next exclusive Halloween party. Cleopatra maintained her mystique through shows of splendor, identifying herself with the deities Isis and Aphrodite. This sexy queen of the Nile enjoyed spending her quiet time with Julius Caesa and Mark Anthony. Eat your heart out Elizabeth Taylor.

Coptic Costumes

Wear an ankh around your neck to preserve your place in ancient history. Just stay away from that poisonous asp. Set your kohl rimmed eyes on a new jewel encrusted Egyptian headpiece. King Tut and Ramses may have ruled Egypt in better times, but itís the beauty and mystery of Cleopatra that keeps everybody enthralled.

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Adult 2 Piece Gold Cleopatra Costume Adult Cleopatra Dress Costume Adult Cleopatra Egyptian Goddess Costume Adult Fancy Cleopatra Costume
Adult 2 Piece Gold Cleopatra Costume$34.99 In stock!

Adult Cleopatra Dress Costume$39.99 In stock!

Adult Cleopatra Egyptian Goddess Costume$33.99 In stock!

Adult Fancy Cleopatra Costume$169.99 In stock!

Adult Lame Cleopatra Costume Adult Pleated Cleopatra Costume Adult Plus Size Cleopatra Costume Adult Purple Cleopatra Costume
Adult Lame Cleopatra Costume$37.99 In stock!

Adult Pleated Cleopatra Costume$59.99 In stock!

Adult Plus Size Cleopatra Costume$30.99 In stock!

Adult Purple Cleopatra Costume$43.99 In stock!

Adult Queen Cleopatra Costume Adult Sequin Cleopatra Costume Adult Sexy Queen Cleopatra One-Piece Costume Adult Snake Cleopatra Costume
Adult Queen Cleopatra Costume$13.99 In stock!

Adult Sequin Cleopatra Costume$69.99 In stock!

Adult Sexy Queen Cleopatra One-Piece Costume$49.99 In stock!

Adult Snake Cleopatra Costume$39.99 In stock!

Adult Snake Skin Cleopatra Costume Adult Supreme Cleopatra Costume Adult White Cleopatra Costume Child Deluxe Cleopatra Costume
Adult Snake Skin Cleopatra Costume$59.99 In stock!

Adult Supreme Cleopatra Costume$125.99 In stock!

Adult White Cleopatra Costume$34.99 In stock!

Child Deluxe Cleopatra Costume$29.99 In stock!

Child's Cleopatra Costume Child's Cleopatra Gown Costume Child's Cleopatra Princess Costume Child's Deluxe Cleopatra Costume
Child's Cleopatra Costume$31.99 In stock!

Child's Cleopatra Gown Costume$24.99 In stock!

Child's Cleopatra Princess Costume$25.99 In stock!

Child's Deluxe Cleopatra Costume$39.99 In stock!

Child's Egyptian Costume Child's Premium Cleopatra Costume Child's Queen Cleopatra Costume Child's Sequin Cleopatra Costume
Child's Egyptian Costume$12.99 In stock!

Child's Premium Cleopatra Costume$30.99 In stock!

Child's Queen Cleopatra Costume$19.99 In stock!

Child's Sequin Cleopatra Costume$36.99 In stock!

Child's White Cleopatra Costume Cleopatra Theater Costume Deluxe Adult Queen Cleopatra Costume Deluxe Girl's  Cleopatra Costume
Child's White Cleopatra Costume$19.99 In stock!

Cleopatra Theater Costume$499.99 In stock!

Deluxe Adult Queen Cleopatra Costume$32.99 In stock!

Deluxe Girl's Cleopatra Costume$32.99 In stock!

Plus Size Black Cleopatra Costume Plus Size Cleopatra Costume Plus Size Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costume Plus Size Midnight Cleopatra Costume
Plus Size Black Cleopatra Costume$40.99 In stock!

Plus Size Cleopatra Costume$14.99 In stock!

Plus Size Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costume$21.99 In stock!

Plus Size Midnight Cleopatra Costume$24.99 In stock!

Prestige Women's Cleopatra Costume Sexy Cleopatra Costume Teen Cleopatra Costume Toddler Deluxe Cleopatra Costume
Prestige Women's Cleopatra Costume$99.99 In stock!

Sexy Cleopatra Costume$39.99 In stock!

Teen Cleopatra Costume$39.99 In stock!

Toddler Deluxe Cleopatra Costume$79.99 In stock!

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