Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes

Send in the Clowns!

Suit up as these circus jokesters in your new clone costume from our large collection. Put on the funny shoes, the puffy nose and gobs of makeup, then get out there. You'll wow any crowd dressed up as these circus performers. But that doesn't mean that you have to stay stuck inside a big tent all day. Now is the time to start clowning around.

Wear one of our clown costumes to a Halloween party and you'll quickly find out that they're a crowd favorite. Everyone will compliment you on your ability to dress up as a clown and strike hilarious poses. Plus, the best part is that you're free to squirt seltzer in people's faces as part of your act. Nobody will be able to deny you this luxury, lest they offend every clown that's ever put on one of these silly suits.

Be the life of the party as a scary or fun clown that makes the kids go wild. Be a jolly jester. Embody clown industry icons like Bozo the Clown. The choice is up to you; all you need is the right wig and makeup.

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