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Cockroach Costumes for All Ages

Itís a Bugís Life

Better get dressed in a hurry. Step on it! Cockroaches always have to beware of that can of Raid. Itís not so easy to put the moves on when everyoneís running away. Be a hit at the next housecleaning party. Learn a little empathy on Halloween as this insidious incest. Flying or hissing, this brown beetle sure is a junk food lover.

A Very Creepy Costume

Infest the neighborhood and get a good look at how the other folks live. Itís important to maintain self control or someoneís bound to call an exterminator. Want to make your friends a little edgy? Then sneak up behind them and give a little tap with your antennae. Fall into hysterics when they try to jump out the window.

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