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Colonial Judge Costumes

Judge the American Experience

File suit as an authentic colonial constable. Carry out the President's rule. With the bang of the gavel, take control of the court in early American style. Exert your independence as an Old World magistrate. Donít kid around with justice. Be judge and jury to the implementation of the American dream. Silence in the court! The justice of the peace has arrived.

Give those Criminals a Good Dressing Down

Itís time to lay down the law. Put on that long black judicial robe. Get that powdered wig centered. Court is now in session. Enforce the authority vested by the United Stated of America. Stare down that early American lawyer and make sure the entire 18th century knows whoís in control.

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Adult Colonial Judge Costume and Wig Adult Colonial Lawyer Costume Adult Plus Size Barrister Judge Costume Child's Colonial Judge Costume
Adult Colonial Judge Costume and Wig$19.99 In stock!

Adult Colonial Lawyer Costume$24.99 In stock!

Adult Plus Size Barrister Judge Costume$39.99 In stock!

Child's Colonial Judge Costume$39.99 In stock!

Child's Colonial Lawyer Costume Judge Gown Costume
Child's Colonial Lawyer Costume$34.99 In stock!

Judge Gown Costume$21.99 In stock!

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