Colonial Man Costumes

Colonial Man Costumes

A Colonial Manís Life

Clothing has certainly changed in the last two centuries. The formality of the Early American gentleman was evident in his sense of style. George Washington was a fashion trendsetter. These colonial kids are dressed for success. Let them experience the time when all men were free. One if by land, two if by sea: Paul Revereís cloak and coat led this country to liberty.

Live life on the stage. These authentic outfits are easy to wear and ideal for revolutionary reenactments and historical theater productions.

Easy Costumes to Love

Express your love of country at the next Boston Tea Party reenactment. Guys always wore the jabot and a waistcoat. Embroidered or with brocade, no early American patriot would be caught dead without them. Be admired for having the most complete historical ensemble, down to the perfect pair of Old World shoes. Feel as if time's standing still.
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