Confederate Soldier Costumes

Confederate Soldier Costumes

A Confederate’s Dream

Dress for secession. The rebel southern army fought the Union forces to protect their way of life. Feel the passion of these plantation era gentlemen. Relive the Antebellum dream of wooing that special southern belle and sipping mint juleps out on the veranda. Months unshaven, grimy with dust and sweat, the anti-federalist soldiers remained steadfast on the battlefield against President Lincoln. Keep the memories of home and hearth close to heart as a southern veteran.

This is the year for sesquicentennial reenactments. Wear an authentic period costume and bring the past to life. Honor our early American veterans by sharing their experience with the next generation.

A Rebel in Uniform

The Confederate soldier's woolen hat and grey uniform was often ragged from being worn too long or having been handed down from a dead compatriot. Led by the brilliant General Robert E. Lee, these rebels carried their flint lock muskets with valor. Experience the difficulties of the cavalry. Become an important part of our national history.
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