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Cookie Monster Costumes

Cookie Monsterís Ball

Dress up as this googly eyed, dessert craving baby. Itíll be a little too easy to put on the pounds this Halloween. The Cookie Monster is a perfect holiday idea for kids with an insatiable appetite. Explore deep philosophical questions, like where do cookies come from? Ask the Keebler elf for a hint. Concoct poems about sweetness of life in a furry blue jumpsuit. Get in touch with your emotions by bursting into tears when confronted with the horror of an empty cookie jar.

Costumed Craziness

Got milk? Throw a party with all of those Sesame Street friends. Ruffle Big Birdís feathers by seating him next to Oscar the Grouch. Get tickled by Elmoís antics. These original Muppets will make all the other kidís cartoon characters green with envy.

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Toddler Cookie Monster Costume$34.99 In stock!

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