Daniel Boone Costumes

Daniel Boone Costumes
Daniel Boone is often considered one of the preeminent colonial pioneers and explorers of America. You can celebrate his legacy by wearing a Daniel Boone costume on Halloween just don't go hunting any game.

Boone was an adventurer that spent many years of his life in the wilderness. His legend grew to epic proportions following his death, largely due to his exploration of the country. He was also an outspoken citizen that always seemed to find himself involved in the happenings of the town he happened to be in at the time, although, he was frequently portrayed as a recluse.

Daniel Boone's frontier exploits made him an American folk hero. Experience his exploits with Native American Indians. Celebrate America's heritage and discover new territories as he did. These authentic Daniel Boone kid's outfits are ideal for Halloween parties. Let the American spirit run free underneath the skies of old Kentucky as this rugged historical explorer.

Embody the courage found in Daniel's brave heart. Then top it off with an iconic coonskin hat (even though he likely never wore one). Feel good with a complete look. Reenact the settlers homesteading of Boonesborough, Kentucky. It was once the only English-speaking town west of the Appalachian Mountains. It always feels good to be the first.
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