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Emperor Palpatine Costumes for All Ages

Palpatine’s Problem

Suit up to be the first Emperor of the Galactic Empire as well the most powerful Sith Lord in history, Darth Sidious. It can be a real chore leading a double life. Start the Clone Wars to create a little personal amusement this Halloween. Have that boy apprentice Darth Maul do all the dirty work, while leading the Empire that you’re simultaneously trying to destroy.

Cunning Costumes

Bring Anikin Skywalker over to the Dark Side. It’s easy to do. Turn him into Star Wars’ most iconic villain, Darth Vader. Be remembered as the man that made the Death Star. The Universe is full of easy prey when you control the levers of the cosmos.

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Adult Deluxe Emperor Palpatine Costume Emperor Palpatine Costume Hands
Adult Deluxe Emperor Palpatine Costume$41.99 In stock!

Emperor Palpatine Costume Hands$19.99 In stock!

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