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Evil Queen Costumes for All Ages

Queenly Evil

Dress up as Queen Grimhilde, a vain and proud fairytale beauty. Marry and old king in anticipation of his death like Anna Nicole Smith. Force Snow White to be a scullery maid as you flair up in a jealous rage this Halloween. Hold up a magical mirror and inquire "who is the fairest one of all? Be the evilest queen in all Disney-dom tonight.

Old Hag Costumes

Frighten all the kids as this wicked witch. In a dungeon laboratory, mix a magic potion and turn into an ugly peasant woman. Polish that poisoned apple and head off into the woods. Beware Snow White’s furry animal friends who’ll be biting at your heels. At the end of the original Grimm fable, the Evil Queen is invited to the royal wedding, but forced to wear red hot iron shoes and "dance until she dropped down dead."

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Adult Wicked Queen Costume
Adult Wicked Queen Costume$29.99 In stock!

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