Farm Animal Costumes

Farm Animal Costumes

Put Some Life in the Party as Livestock

Suit up in one of our many farm animal costumes. It's quiet in the countryside and Farmer John is an easy master. That doesn't mean that barnyard life has to be dull. No sir, a festive farm animal is a welcome sight at any birthday or Halloween party. You'll be able to entertain the kids with ease when you're dressed as a chicken, cow or pig. Do a little jig and watch them all fill with glee just don't call it the Chicken Dance (it's already taken). Be sure not to lay an egg.

Or, maybe, you'd prefer to spread the wealth as a cute cash cow. Throw money into the air and watch it rain down on greedy, lunging hands. And there are so many more animals to choose from. Everyone will shriek with delight when you walk in the room dressed in a pig costume. They'll think it's Free Bacon Night.

Of course, a farm animal costume isn't solely for parties. You can also use it to enliven your school with some team spirit as a home team mascot. You'll come out of the barn and cheer them on to victory. The limits of these costumes' flexibility are only bound by your imagination.

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