Pool Frog XL Pro Mineral & Chlorine Sanitizer

Pool Frog XL Pro Mineral & Chlorine Sanitizer

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Product Description

The Pool Frog XL Pro by King Technology utilizes the Pool Frog Mineral System and chlorine tablets for an easy and effective way to use chlorine tablets instead of liquid, and reduce the use of those chlorine tablets.

Frog XL Pro Includes

  • For in-ground pools
  • Reduces use of chlorine up to 50%
  • Comes with two cyclers: one for mineral reservoir and one for chlorine tablets
  • Chlorine tablets turn into liquid chlorine and fed into the pool
  • Reservoir gives tablets a 50% longer life

What Are The Benefits Of Pool Sanitizers?

  • Mineral sanitizers do a great job of reducing the need of liquid or dry chemicals, which also lowers your costs on those chemicals over the long haul.
  • Most mineral sanitizers contain silver and copper. Silver does the job of fighting and eliminating any bacterias in the water, while copper helps prevent algae from growing in your pool or spa.
  • The sanitizers also help prevent red eyes, eliminate harsh chemical odors, and also soften the water for an enjoyable swimming experience.
  • Please give us a call if you have any questions in choosing the correct mineral sanitizer for your pool or spa.
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