George Washington Costumes

George Washington Costumes

The Wonderful World of George Washington

Be the first President of the United States in these stately Colonial costumes. General Washington commanded the city of Boston during the Revolutionary War. Experience the glory of that Tea Party as this manly 18th century military leader. No one fought harder for American Liberty. Be seen and a pillar of this great country by embodying this authentic statesman in the prime of his life. Show your kids George Washington will live on forever.

This authentic period clothing is an easy addition to Presidents Day celebrations and historical theater productions. Reenact the past with conviction.

A History that Suits

Fondly remember the days when a President had good relations with Congress and state governments. President Washington will always loom large in the national imagination. Be seen as the symbol of American virtue and unquestioned integrity. Then happily retire to Mount Vernon. Martha would appreciate it.
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