Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario Costumes
Merry Mario Brothers

Suit up as this animated arcade game plumber and his fast moving friends. Keep the Mushroom Kingdom safe from those downright dastardly blorbs. Jump off the screen this Halloween, itís easy. Luigi is little Mario's cuter, taller, and thinner twin brother. All kids know these famous cartoon characters. All his life, Luigi has been forced to live in Mario's dark shadow. Thatís helped him to develop both heroic and cowardly tendencies. Be this Nintendo style boy. Feel free to change up his two dimensional personality a bit. Show everyone how to be daring.

Costumed Gamesmanship

Itís stiff competition when you are pair up against those other iconic game players. Pac Man may be older, but heís quick on his feet when those colorful ghosts are chasing after him. Be sure to avoid getting into a street fight with Akuna. Play to win at the party tonight.
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