Guinevere Costumes

Gorgeous Guinevere

Dress up as the Queen of Arthurian mythology. Share a late night tryst with Sir Lancelot. Follow the original legend and be burned at the stake, like a Salem witch, this Halloween. Make the King the cuckold of Camelot. Inspire the Knights Templar to find the Holy Grail. Guinevere is a wanton woman in a crown who will sacrifice the Kingdom for a good time.

Queenly Costumes

Ask Merlin for a few recipe suggestions to make a love potion. This Renaissance royalty certainly isnít limited by medieval morals. Rumor has it Lady Gwen was even planning to marry Mordred, King Arthurís son with his sorceress sister Morgana le Fay. Perhaps itís time to sit the kids down and have a little talk about family values.
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