Hannibal Lector Costumes

Hannibal Lector Costumes

Hannibal Lecter Looms Large

Suit up as this original mad man with interesting dietary habits. If it walks and talks, then lunch is on the way. Spar with Clarice Starling this Halloween. It's easy to get a stomach ache. Imagine sitting down at the table with him, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. Do not accept Lecter's invitation to dinner tonight.

"I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... to eating your wife."

Cannibal Costumes

Anthony Hopkins brought this authentically terrifying horror movie villain to real life in Silence of the Lambs and the Red Dragon. His other unique film roles include Odin, the king of Valhalla, in Thor and Don Diego de la Vega from the Mask of Zorro.
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