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Hercules Costumes

The Adventures of Hercules

Dress up as Zeusí favorite son. This mythological man was renowned for his physical strength and Romanesque wiles. Have the body of a Greek god and look great in a fig leaf. Be an historical hero this Halloween. After slaying the Hydra, take out your remaining frustration on that snake headed gorgon, Medusa.

Cretan Costumes

Proved yourself to be an unerring marksman with a bow and arrow. Just donít shoot your own kids for god sake. Kill the Nemean lion instead. Capture a golden horned Cerynitian hind, otherwise known as a female deer. Bring this sacred animal to Artemis and earn a place on Olympus. Donít sleep in the stables again tonight.

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Adult Hercules Costume Child's Hercules Costume
Adult Hercules Costume$32.99 In stock!

Child's Hercules Costume$29.99 In stock!

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