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Liquid Shock is used to periodically superchlorinate spa water in order to destroy organisms that may be resistant to low levels of chlorine. It helps to obtain crystal clear clarity to your spa water in the shortest possible time. Helps to immediately kill algae and make your spa available quickly.

Ships in 32 fluid ounce plastic container with safety cap

Recommended Use

  • Apply 10 ounces of Liquid Shock per 1000 gallons of water to obtain a free available chlorine concentration of 5 ppm as determined by a suitable chlorine test kit.
  • During extended periods where your spa is not in use, add 6 ounces of Liquid Shock daily to maintain a 3 ppm chlorine concentration
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of pH Plus will raise the pH level of 100 gallons of water approximately 0.2 pH units
  • Spa should be running with water being agitated when adding pH Plus to spa

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