1600 GPH Above Ground Salt Water Pump w/CGFI

1600 GPH Above Ground Salt Water Pump w/CGFI

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Product Description

Sanitary pools are a necessity, but harsh chemicals burn the eyes, irritate skin, and ruin clothing. Luckily, there is a new kind of pump that will kill bacteria and algae without ruining your swim. With this sand filter, natural salt is used to create a natural chlorine that does not burn flesh or deteriorate fabrics and pool toys so swimmers can safely enjoy the summer without feeling the gross side effects of harsh chemicals.


  • 1,600 gallon per hour maximum pump flow rate
  • 1/2 horse power motor with ground fault circuitry (GFCI) for safety shut-off
  • 12 hour timer for automation
  • Valve includes positions for Filtration, Backwash, Rinse, Re-Circulation, Drain and Close
  • Can be used with Intex or other salt water generators and chlorine generator systems
  • Sand needs replaced once every 5 years
  • Holds up to 55 lbs #20 Silica sand (not included)
  • Uses common table salt (non-iodine)
  • Ideal for above ground pools up to 12,800 gallons water capacity
  • Includes 2 each Intex filter connection hoses
  • Hose adaptors for connecting hoses to smaller 1-1/4 clamp on style hose connections
  • Complete set of plunger valves and strainer assemblies for larger Intex pools
  • Filter pump pressure gauge
  • Strainer basket built-in
  • Two year factory warranty
  • Instructions
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