Avenger Automatic Pool Cleaner

Avenger Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Product Description

Designed and made in Australia, the Avenger™ High Performance Pool Cleaner boasts a patent-pending AutoPilot™ buoyancy & steering control system for unrivaled maneuverability. Walls are no match for the superior climbing ability of the Avenger's HighGrip™ foot! Stylish and compact, the Avenger wards off body wear even in pebble and quartzon pools while its unique hinged skirt provides agility without folding under. The Avenger Automatic Pool Cleaner's skirt fingers are specially designed to keep moving around sharp corners and over lights, main drains and other obstacles. Unlike other, noisier pool cleaners, the Avenger operates quietly thanks to its dependable Everlast(TM) diaphragm. Built to last, all Avenger components are UV stabilized for long life. Includes two-year manufacturer warranty.

Avenger Automatic Pool Cleaner Features:

  • AutoPilot(TM) Steering and buoyancy control
  • Unique hinged skirt provides agility
  • Skirt fingers designed to keep moving around obstacles
  • Hi-Grip(TM) foot for superior wall climbing ability
  • User friendly Skim-itT skimming control valve
  • Everlast(TM) diaphragm for quiet operation
  • Stylish compact design eliminates body wear
  • Integral body weight won't break out
  • Suction test gauge included
  • All components UV stabilized for long life
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty
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