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Jason Costumes for All Ages

Heed Jason Voorhees

Dress the kids up to terrorize the neighborhood. Spend Friday the 13th running from this masked mass murderer. Every day is Halloween at camp Crystal Lake. Jason lives onto avenge his motherís death. Why is it that all psychos seem to have mommy issues? Chopping up teenagers for the next twenty years is one easy way to cull the population. Resurrect this 80s horror movie villain and leave a trail of blood behind.

Killer Costumes

Jason's whereabouts are unknown at this time. Last reports have him somewhere in your home town. He is known to carry a bloody machete that he welds in his horribly disfigured hands. If you see a big man behind a hockey mask, the police suggest not taking candy from this stranger. Team up with Freddy Krueger for a Freddy vs. Jason reenactment.

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Adult Jason Costume Adult Jason Creature Reacher Costume Adult Jason Voorhees EZ Costume
Adult Jason Costume$23.99 In stock!

Adult Jason Creature Reacher Costume$299.99 In stock!

Adult Jason Voorhees EZ Costume$29.99 In stock!

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