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KISS Catman Costumes

Carry On Catman

Dress up as this 70s glam rock superstar. Entertain the masses as the hard rock drummer from KISS this Halloween. Peter Criss is world famous for creating his signature black cat stage persona. Ride on his coat tails and make the ladies swoon. Put on a pair of silver platform boots. Paint glittering makeup on your feline face to scare the kids. Be the star of the neighborhood. Be one of the boys in the band. Get out of control in an authentic Catman suit and unmask your unique personality.

Music Maker Costumes

If these bad boys arenít quite your style, try on another seventies themed outfit. Be the original piano man as Elton John. Sing "Iíve got you, babe" as Sonny and Cher, when they were still talking to each other. Thereís no end to the comedic potential when you go out cruising as the Village People.

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70s Glam Rock Cat Man Costume 70s Glam Rock Cat Man Plus Size Costume
70s Glam Rock Cat Man Costume$399.99 In stock!

70s Glam Rock Cat Man Plus Size Costume$409.99 In stock!

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