Ladybug Costumes

Ladybug Costumes

A Bug Above the Rest

Our bug costumes aren't nearly as annoying as the real thing. When you browse our selection, don't be afraid: These ladybugs don't bite. They only want to show off their radiant red dotted exterior. Then they'll most likely fly away. If you happen to squeeze in a wish before your ladybug departs, best of luck to you. Ladybugs are rumored to be wish-granters.

We'll help you dress up as this beloved bug. You'll rise to new heights at the next party you'll attend (because ladybugs can fly). For a sassy new look, wear a sexy red dress topped with daring black spots. Everyone will be saying, "Girl, you look fly!" These adorable baby ladybugs will cause quite a buzz. There's another insect joke for you to enjoy.

The Cutest Costume Ever Made

This cosmopolitan critter is at home everywhere it goes. Those bold colors are always on display for all to enjoy. (Except for aphids because ladybugs dine on those.) This beautiful beetle is known for bringing good luck to everyone it lands on. Put on a pair of red ladybug wings and make someone's wish come true. Create an evening to remember before you fly away home to Ladybug Land.

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