1 Liter Alkaline Bottled Water

1 Liter Alkaline Bottled Water

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Product Description

Do you prefer the taste of bottled water? Filtered water is not only more tasty, but it is also healthier. Tap water tastes bad because so many chemicals and particles are picked up when it travels through all those miles of pipe and earth. The final product can be less than appealing.

But, did you know there is more to it than just bad taste and trace chlorine particles? Did you know that traveling through metal piping actually strips the water molecules of electrons, and gives your water a positive ionic charge. The problem is that positively charged H2O molecules tend to clump together making them much harder for your body to absorb and use. This results in insufficient hydration, even though you're drinking plenty of water.

To make matters worse, the positively charged H2O molecules have a tendency to steal electrons way from other molecules in your body, building up free radicals. As this occurs your cell walls are damaged, and harmful toxins are more likely to pass through the cell walls rather than be filtered out of the body.

Real Water contains negatively charged H2O with natural anti-oxidants. By drinking Real Alkalized Water you can ensure a balanced ph intake, and correctly charged H2O molecules for healthier living. And the best part? Real Water tastes great!

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