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Lord of The Rings Costumes for All Ages

Lord of the Rings Revolution

Suit up as the men and women from Tolkienís classic fantasy mythos. Join the fellowship of the rings as Aragorn, the heir to the thrones of Arnor and Gondor. Enjoy a mock swordfight between Gimli and Legolas this Halloween. Battle against Sauron with the white magic power of Gandolf the Grey at your side. The inhabitants of Middle Earth make the perfect trick or treat companions.

Hobbit Costumes

The beautiful Arwen is a half elven girl from Rivendell. Never forget that shire loving Frodo and his heroic little friends. Kids of all ages have worshipped these famous books and the trilogy of films has become a modern cultural touchstone. According to the author "The Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work." Who knew?

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Arwen Costumes Gandalf Costumes Gimli Costumes Ringwraith Costumes
Arwen Costumes$29.99 - $69.99 3 items in stock!

Gandalf Costumes$39.99 - $49.99 3 items in stock!

Gimli Costumes$34.99 each 1 items in stock!

Ringwraith Costumes$39.99 - $49.99 2 items in stock!

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