Swim Alert Pool Alarm

Swim Alert Pool Alarm

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Product Description

The SWIM007 Swim Alert Pool Alarm from Maytronics sits on the deck of your swimming pool and an alarm triggers when something weighing 18 lbs or more enters the pool.

Swim Alert Includes

  • Alarms are triggered within seconds to notify you immidiately
  • Wireless remote unit provides a secondary alarm along with status and low battery lights to monitor the system at a glance
  • User friendly, unique magnetic key arms and disarms system
  • Exclusive Aquasensor technology knows the difference between body immersion and wind, rain, and water disturbances created by pool equipment
  • Extensive 100 ft. range
  • Installation is simple and fast on new or existing pools
  • All hardware, including batteries, and simple instructions are provided
  • Swim Alert is backed by a 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM F2208-02 and is effective in pools as large as 20 x 40
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