Morey Woody Pro 41 Bodyboard

Morey Woody Pro 41 Bodyboard

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Product Description

The Morey Woody Pro 41" bodyboard from Wham-O is a smooth high quality riding bodyboard to ride the waves due to the board's slick bottom.


  • Measures 41-1/2" Long
  • Phuzion Core high density Polystyrene core
  • 8 Lb IXL crosslink polyethylene top skin deck
  • HDPE High Density Polyethylene slick bottom
  • Bottom with channels and super cool graphics
  • Crescent tail bodyboard tail
  • Includes bodyboard wrist leash
  • Ideal for riders appoximately 140 - 170 lbs and less and 5'-6" - 5'-9" tall
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