Musketeer Costumes

Musketeer Costumes
One for all all for one. That's what the Three Musketeers lived by. When you purchase one of our Musketeer costumes, you can represent this selfless motto.

If you want to swordfight everyone you encounter, then this costume is a hand-in-glove fit for you. Just don't go slapping people with your glove. There's no need to even consider any other costume now that you found this one. The best part of these Musketeers costumes is that they're great for people that want to coordinate their dress. There's a color for each person in your party. Too bad that only one of you can be d'Artagnan.

These musketeers were the king of France's personal bodyguards. Jump off the pages of Alexander Dumas' books and into your next Halloween party. Stop Cardinal Richelieu's plot to assassinate King Louis as one of the Musketeers. It's easy with your trusty sword in-hand.

Bring Athos, Aramis and Porthos into the modern world with these stylish costumes. The red tabard represents the cardinal's guards, blue is for the king, and black or gray belong to the regular army. Each group wore the royal coat of arms on their tunic. Don a plumed cavalier hat this Halloween and watch villains run away from you, while lovely women run toward you.
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