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Oompa Loompa Costumes for All Ages

Oompa Loompa Do Ba Dee Doo

Suit up for a short career at Willy Wonka’s fantastic chocolate factory. Be sure to keep away from the Whangdoodles, Hornswogglers and Snozzywangers this Halloween. Oompa Loompas come from Loompaland and are known for their leprechaun like stature, green hair, orange skin and unique white pants.

Sing Along Costumes

Oompa-Loompa are really mischievous and love practical jokes. "Who do you blame when your kid is a brat Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat? Blaming the kids is a lion of shame You know exactly who's to blame."

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Adult Candy Elf Costume Adult Red Oompa Loompa Costume Child's Candy Elf Costume Child's Umpa Loompa Costume
Adult Candy Elf Costume$59.99 In stock!

Adult Red Oompa Loompa Costume$29.99 In stock!

Child's Candy Elf Costume$49.99 In stock!

Child's Umpa Loompa Costume$14.99 In stock!

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