Pentair SMBW 4060 D.E. Filter

Pentair SMBW 4060 D.E. Filter

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Product Description

147411 Pentair SMBW 4060 Series 60 sq. ft. D.E. filter removes the tiniest of debris and bacterias that keeps your water sparkling clean. The SMBW filter is the only D.E. filter that comes with a backwash valve on the filter. This valve is near the bottom of the filter and provides easy use when backwashing the filter.

Pentair SMBW Filter Includes

  • 60 sq. ft. D.E. filter
  • Contains 8 bottom mount grids
  • Noryl rotary backwash at the bottom of the tank
  • Unique curved grid design ensures an even flow and uniform distribution of D.E.
  • Individually removable grids for easy cleaning
  • Filterís refined internal design minimizes flow restrictions
  • Exclusive clamp ring design is proven to be safe, strong, and reliable
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi

How Does A Pool Filter Work?

  • A pool filter's main job is to make sure you are swimming in clean and clear water.
  • The pool pump cycles the water through the system, which passes into the pool filter.
  • The debris and particles are captured inside the filter, which allows the clean water to flow back through the system into your pool.
  • There are three types of filters: Cartridge, Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), and Sand.
  • Cartridge and D.E. filters are required to be cleaned before the start and at the end of the busy swimming pool season.
  • Please give us a call if you have questions deciding what type of pool filter and what size you want.

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Pentair SMBW 4060 D.E. Filter
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