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Dress up as an animated video game antagonist from your childhood. This is an original holiday idea. These quick ghosts seem to move faster than even Ms. Pac Man, so itís best to hurry up. Pinky is usually the first to reach Pac Man, because she has a crush on our little yellow friend. Help the kids learn a lesson this Halloween. No matter how fast they run, the competitionís bound to ketchup.

Costumed Craziness

Be at the center of it all tonight. Invite over these Nintendo buddies to the next house party. Let the Super Mario Brothers lead a sing along. These Pokemon characters know how shake up the dance floor. Just donít invite those street fighters boys from dojo next door.

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Child's Pac-Man "Pinky" Pink Ghost Deluxe Costume
Child's Pac-Man "Pinky" Pink Ghost Deluxe Costume$49.99 In stock!

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