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Potato Costumes

Couch Potatoes Rule

Suit us as the versatile tuber. Kids will get baked over theses little tater tots. Be one very hot potato this Halloween. A totally tubular social butterfly. This Irish food staple always have crunch. Donít get too smashed at the next block party. Pair up with a flank steak for an American style meat and potatoes dinner theater.

Starchy Costumes

Mr. Potato Headís other parts might get occasionally mixed up, but his heart is always in the right place. You two can be Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, the endearing vegetarian pals that have captured the hearts, imaginations and laughter of generations of little spuds.

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Mr Potato Head Costume Mrs. Potato Head Costume
Mr Potato Head Costume$169.99 In stock!

Mrs. Potato Head Costume$169.99 In stock!

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