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Staffs, Canes & Wands

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18" Glow In Dark Sickle 18" Sickle Prop 21" Skeleton Double Axe 24" Child Pitchfork
18" Glow In Dark Sickle$3.99 In stock!

18" Sickle Prop$3.99 In stock!

21" Skeleton Double Axe$4.99 In stock!

24" Child Pitchfork$1.99 In stock!

29" Gothic Red Devil Fork 29" Gothic Silver Devil Fork 36" Gothic Devil Fork 39" Spear Prop
29" Gothic Red Devil Fork$5.99 In stock!

29" Gothic Silver Devil Fork$5.99 In stock!

36" Gothic Devil Fork$8.99 In stock!

39" Spear Prop$3.99 In stock!

46" Pitch Folk Caveman Club Deluxe 48" Pitch Fork Devil Pitchfork Costume Prop
46" Pitch Folk$3.99 In stock!

Caveman Club$7.99 In stock!

Deluxe 48" Pitch Fork$4.99 In stock!

Devil Pitchfork Costume Prop$9.99 In stock!

Dragon Staff Top Gentleman's Cane Hand Operated Zombie Staff Horned Skull Staff Top
Dragon Staff Top$19.99 In stock!

Gentleman's Cane$2.99 In stock!

Hand Operated Zombie Staff$14.99 In stock!

Horned Skull Staff Top$9.99 In stock!

Inflatable Police Club Jester Skull Cane Magic Wands Occult Warlord Staff Prop
Inflatable Police Club$4.99 In stock!

Jester Skull Cane$29.99 In stock!

Magic Wands$4.99 - $19.99 9 accessories in stock!

Occult Warlord Staff Prop$9.99 In stock!

Pimp Canes Shepherd Staff Props Halloween Fake Sickle Prop
Pimp Canes$14.99 - $19.99 5 accessories in stock!

Shepherd Staff Props$9.99 - $14.99 2 accessories in stock!

Halloween Fake Sickle PropOut of Stock

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