Hayward Sun Ray Auto Pool Cleaner

Hayward Sun Ray Auto Pool Cleaner

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Product Description

Looking for an automatic pool cleaner that goes everywhere in your pool? As always Hayward's commitment to providing products that fit your needs continues. Therefore, Hayward welcomes to the in-ground swimming pool market the most economically priced automatic pool cleaner…the SunRay. The SunRay is the perfect choice of cleaner for the price-conscience consumer without compromising quality.

Watch out dirt and debris, here comes the SunRay® automatic pool cleaner. It is designed to thoroughly clean your pool's floor and walls regardless of the size and shape of your pool. The SunRay easily connects to your pool's skimmer or dedicated suction port. No extra parts or hoses needed. It is easy to install and will be cleaning your pool in less than ten minutes from opening the box. The SunRay is designed with only one moving part, thereby assuring you uninterrupted performance year after year. And it is energy-efficient too! Now just relax poolside and enjoy your crystal clear pool with the automatic assistance of your SunRay cleaner.

Hayward Sun Ray Includes

  • Cleans pool's floor and walls automatically
  • One moving part ensures years of dependable service (less maintenance needed)
  • Installs in less than ten minutes and no tools needed
  • Powered by your existing filtration equipment
  • Swivel foot pad for easy navigation out of tight corners
  • Energy efficient due to no additional electricity or pumps needed
  • One year limited warranty
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