TechniChlor Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator

TechniChlor Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator

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Product Description

Never add chlorine to your spa again when using our new, easy to use TechniChlor High Power Spa Chlorine Generator. Some of the advantages to using a chlorine generator in your spa include improved water quality with cleaner and clearer water, reduced spa maintenance, more natural water sanitation by producing chlorine on site so that you never have to store and handle dangerous chemicals, eco friendly, softer and more healthy water for your skin and more.


  • Pure Chlorination, up to 30 grams per day
  • 10 Levels of Chlorine Production, up to 1000 gallon spa
  • Salt Level Indicator Lights, Red-low, Blue-good, Green-high
  • Self Cleaning Reverse Polarity Technology built in
  • Plug & Play! No Spa Modifications Required
  • No Buttons, No Control Boxes, No Timers!
  • Adjusts Production For Variations In Spa Temperature
  • Boost Mode: Increased chlorine production after spa use!
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