Beepod Baby Guard (Smart Andy)

Beepod Baby Guard (Smart Andy)

Item: TG-003404
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Product Description

Now you can protect your baby from dirty and uncomfortable chairs with this new Beepod Baby Guard. This revolutionary baby seat fits into shopping carts, and high chair seats so your little one can sit on a padded surface that is clean, and comfortable. Plus you can attach toys to keep your child entertained for those long shopping trips, or so you can finish your dessert.

Product Features

  • 2 in 1 shopping cart and high chair cover
  • Helps protect baby from hard dirty surfaces with padded seat
  • Elastic edges are easily stretched over sides for simple and quick set up that fits most shopping cart sizes
  • Built in zippered pocket keeps keys and moms necessities secure while 3 toy loops help baby to stay entertained
  • Built in seat belt keeps baby as germ free as possible
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