Traditional Mad Hatter Costumes

It's a Mad (Hatter's) World

Want to upstage everyone on Halloween? Purchase a Mad Hatter costume from us and wait for everyone else to just give up.

Dress up as this crazy Disney character who knows how to keep the kids entertained. Why do they call him the Mad Hatter? Well, it's a funny story. It can be traced back to the idiom, "mad as a hatter." Hat factories in the 19th century contained trace amounts of mercury that originated from the production process responsible for felt. The people who worked in these factories and handled the hats hatters were slowly being poised by mercury. This caused them to act unpredictably.

The Mad Hatter is always ready for teatime. Dance and sing on the table tops this Halloween as this strange fellow. Confuse Alice during her Wonderland adventure by reciting nonsensical poetry. If the clothing makes the man, then this odd ball is ready for the loony bin. The March Hare and Door Mouse are inviting you to take a seat. Embody Johnny Depp's screwy creation and bring this whacky madman to life.
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