Union Soldier Costumes

Union Soldier Costumes

Soldier on for the Union's Glory

Dress to end secession. The Northern army had historic ideals to uphold: one law and one country. The Yankee military may not have all held abolitionist beliefs, but they stood behind President Lincoln during the Civil War. Many of these brave men were no more than kids. Relive American history, fight the Confederacy and feel the anguish of a nation torn.

This is the anniversary year for sesquicentennial reenactments. Don't forget to wear an authentic period uniform and bring the past back to life. Honor the early American veterans and share their experience with our next generation.

Blue Costumes

Union soldiers' uniforms were dark blue and made of thick wool. The infantry's leather rimmed hats offered small respite form the sun. Feel the heat and stay dry in the rain. Regardless of your political leanings, become an important part of our national history. Follow General Ulysses Grant in to battle as part of the Federal cavalry.
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