Vanilla Ice Costumes

Vanilla Ice Costumes
For people that think "Ice Ice Baby" was the greatest song ever made, we have a number of Vanilla Ice costumes that you'll think are to the extreme. The legacy of Vanilla Ice is one shrouded by question marks. What did "Ice Ice Baby" mean to the world? Did he hurt or help the music industry? Was he an original musician or an image consultant's creation? And lastly, how did he become a one-hit wonder?

Chill Out as Vanilla Ice

Dress up as this one-hit wonder. Sing "Ice Ice Baby" over and over again this Halloween. Before scoring moderate acclaim as a fledgling building contractor on the Do It Yourself Network's home improvement program, Vanilla Ice was a radio-friendly flash in the pan. Be the white hip hop artist who struck musical gold with a catchy tune that will never get old.

Costumes with Hip Hop Flair

Vanilla Ice may have taken a few fashion tips from M.C. Hammer. Follow in his fleeting footsteps. Have a fling with Madonna. You only have fifteen minutes to save the world. The shelf life is short for some superstars. Live it up while you can.
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